Innovation is the lifeblood of today’s most successful corporations. And for those that wish to stay relevant for tomorrow.

But corporate culture doesn’t always provide the mechanisms for smart ambitious employees to take the risks necessary to innovate. Especially for non-technical managers.

That’s because they may lack the frameworks to develop a culture of feedback and experimentation. A mechanism to test new ideas, get feedback and translate those into business opportunities.

Blockchain is the sort of innovation that requires exploration, testing and feedback in such an environment. And a leader to drive this process.

You can be that leader.

Certified Blockchain Professional is a program designed for doers. Leaders that understand to get ahead that risks need to be taken, mitigated and learned from but may lack the foundation for achieving this.

CBP isn’t a typical educational program designed to memorize, regurgitate and master testing.

The program is designed around building a foundation of knowledge that can be translated into action.

The test is your ability to take what you learn and turn it into something. A business idea within your business. A new initiative for experimenting with innovative developments. A new team to help drive the advancement of your business. And yourself.

Certified Blockchain Professional is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Intro to Blockchain (2 hours)

This mini course is designed to provide context. To show you where we are and why. To help you understand why you need to get moving today on Blockchain innovation.

Part 2: Blockchain Business Fundamentals (5 weeks)

This intensive program is designed with the non technical professional in mind. Get an in depth understanding of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and important frameworks for taking action.

No coding required.

Over 5 comprehensive modules you will learn what you need to know for the next level of training. The doing part.

Part 3: Certified Professional (8 weeks)

In this part you will receive instruction and mentoring as you develop a business proposal for your management team. It may be a new division, a new initiative,  a corporate structure for exploring new innovative ideas or an innovative idea built around Blockchain technology for the business.

Your mission is to apply what you have learned by developing an initiative. This is what leaders do. Leaders and future leaders like you.

Take action now!

Is this program for you?

Certified Blockchain Professional provides you with the building blocks towards transforming your corporate profile into a strategic asset.

CBP will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain technology, use cases, opportunities and risks. This knowledge with equip you with the necessary insight and tools to deal with the disruptive potential of this technology.

On completion of the program you will:

  • Be able to identify which business problems can be solved by blockchain technology.

  • Have the framework to help orient and calibrate your blockchain transformation efforts

  • Maximize your ability to develop an idea, test, iterate and learn from feedback

  • Be able to develop new business model concepts related to innovative technologies

  • Manage the innovation process from ideation to delivery and management

  • Master the ability to present and pitch the project to stakeholders and board members

Intro to Blockchain

A series off videos totalling 2 hours broken up into easy to consume pieces.

Blockchain Business Fundamentals

A total of 5, two hour videos.

In part one we will take you on a journey of Bitcoin.

You will discover:

  • How a mysterious Japanese name is behind a near seditious monetary innovation

  • Why blockchain is not a crypto asset

  • The difference between public and private keys

  • How a blockchain is created and where crypto fits in

  • Discover why a hash isn’t just a symbol.

  • What miners do and how they make money

  • How a nonce, node and a difficulty target work together

Part two progresses to various attributes of blockchains.

Here you will see:

  • Why a blockchain really is one part of several separate technologies

  • The difference between a public and private blockchain

  • What kind of fork you need to do the following….

  • Why a smart contract is not an oxymoron

  • That “proof” comes in more than one form

  • Why consensus eliminates tyranny and sounds a lot like utopia

  • And we will explore some use cases

Part three delves into Ethereum.

You will discover:

  • Why Ethereum is the result of a disagreement

  • Why crypto is a limiting factor in blockchain technology

  • How Ethereum differs from Bitcoin

  • What a smart contract is and why you do not want to make a mistake when doing one

  • The difference between Ether and gas

  • What it means when you Whisper on the DAPPS network

  • Why the ERC concept is pivotal to the future of this blockchain technology

  • And how a child lead to the theft of millions of dollars

You will learn about a number of other well known networks in session 4.

For example:

  • How the Lightning Network batches your balance

  • What Sawtooth, Fabric, Burrow, Indy and old school Linux have in common

  • What Corda and Ripple think they can do for the financial industry

  • Why you want to tangle with IOTA

  • Why Cardano thinks it’s going to be the internet for blockchains

  • Why Hashgraph likes its gossip fast and complex

In session five you will discover:

  • What methodology keeps you lean

  • Why the traditional business plan can be very (very) expensive

  • What principles you can use to your advantage

  • That a hypothesis isn’t just for science

  • How you can explore the validity of your blockchain ideas with cups of coffee

  • What a lean sandbox is and why you should be playing in one at a corporation

  • Why you need a specific canvas by a guy named Ash to develop an idea. No paint required

  • Why blockchain is perfectly suited for this business development approach

I’m ready to start now!

Certified Professional

This section is project based.

This program begins with a review of the principles identified in the fifth session of BBF.

Over 8 weeks and with the help of a mentor,  you will identify a problem, create a solution, validate and begin the process of developing the idea.

Then you will explore how to present the problem and the solution to your leadership team.

You will also learn how to develop an innovative space within your company and how to present and manage the idea.

This includes how to move ideas through the process, test, iterate and use feedback to save your firm time and money.

Certification is based on developing a solution to an existing problem as well as creating a viable framework to further explore the solution in the context of an existing corporation.

Take action now!